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Denmark High School Disney and Universal 2023

Mar 22, 2023 to Mar 26, 2023
Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida


Denmark High School Disney and Universal 2023

Hotel:                                Disneys Pop Century Resort

Arrival Date:                    Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Departure Date:               Sunday, March 26, 2023

What's included in this trip:

Our 2023 Disney/Universal package includes the following:

          Chartered bus transportation to/from school to Orlando, FL

          4 nights room accommodations at Disneys Pop Century Resort

         Disney Dining Cards and Meal cards for Universal

         2 Day Disney Park Ticket per person

          2 day Park to Park tickets for Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure parks

          1 Festival Disney Performance and Awards ceremony ticket per person

  •              1 basic Magic Band per person with Memory Maker photos

          Planning services of Family Memories Travel

          Travel Insured Student trip insurance

          Bus driver rooms and gratuities



What's not included:

Extra money for additional snacks and souvenirs in parks

Cancel Anytime Insurance Add On

Sample Trip Summary:
March 22 -Wednesday:
5:00 AM: Depart from School on Charter Buses
11:00 AM: Stop for snack and restrooms at GA/Florida line
1:00 PM: Arrive at Disney's Pop Century Resort
Unload Buses and go directly to Hollywood Studios Park via Skyliner
9:00 pm: Park closes
10PM: Lights out!

March 23 -Thursday:
7:30 AM: Breakfast at Resort
8:00 AM: Take a Disney Bus to Magic Kingdom
9:00 PM: Park Closes - Return to Resort
10:00 PM: Lights Out!

March 24 -Friday:
7:30 AM: Breakfast at Resort
7:45 AM: Load Charter Buses to depart for Festival Performance
10:00 AM: Buses drop off at Universal Studios
9:00 PM: Park Closes - Take charter buses back to resort
10:00 PM: Lights Out!

March 25 -Saturday:
7:30 AM: Breakfast at Resort
8:00 AM: Take Charter Buses to Universal Studios
Spend the day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure
5:00 PM: Take charter buses to Disney for Awards ceremony
9:00 PM: Park Closes - Take Skyliner back to resort
10:00 PM: Lights Out!

March 26 -Sunday:
8:00 AM: Depart Disney's All Star Movies Resort
11:30 AM: Stop for Lunch
5:00 PM: Arrive back at School

Cancellation policy:

All trip payments are non-refundable once paid. You must file an insurance claim for any reimbursement of money.

Available Packages

Denmark High School Orlando Student Package
Unavailable as of January 6, 2023

Deposit: $375.00 per person

Quad Occupancy Room Package and travel insurance


Denmark High School Orlando Chaperone Package
Unavailable as of September 18, 2022

Deposit: $375.00 per person

Double occupancy room package + travel insurance

Extra Options

Cancel Anytime Option
Unavailable as of January 6, 2023

Deposit: $30.75

Adding this option allows you to cancel the trip, even if the reason is not covered under the basic travel insurance plan, and still receive some of your money back.
*This benefit will only provide a reimbursement of 75% of your trip costs.
Trip costs do NOT include the price of the cancel anytime travel insurance.
Covered Reasons for Trip Cancellation under the basic plan include:
  • Sickness (includes family), excluding mental illness
  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions
  • Bankruptcy/Default 
  • Injury (includes family) 
  • Death (includes family) 

Single Room Add on Fee
Unavailable as of September 15, 2022


Chaperone Single Room Fee