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Intertwined Dreams 2024

Jan 1, 2024 to Dec 31, 2024

💕Intertwined Dreams: Where Love Meets Ambition!

Unveil your joint journey to success with our downloadable goal-planning workbook for couples.
Discover the 'Intertwined Dreams' Goal Planning Workbook:** a shared sanctuary for couples to cultivate your annual destinies together. It's more than a workbook; it's a couple's commitment to transform collective dreams into a thriving reality.
Why Intertwined Dreams Came To Life
Because the strength of a bond is measured not just in moments but milestones. This workbook was born from the belief that couple's goals - whether they're for passion-filled getaways, organizing your nest, or securing your financial freedom - flourish best when nurtured side by side.

💕 Here's What You'll Find Inside:

    • Worksheets that will allow you to
      • Express and explore your combined aspirations and make a pact to pursue them.
      • Conduct monthly meetings to keep both of you accountable and on track with shared desires.
      • Plan your monthly date nights, ensuring romance gets its rightful calendar space.
      • Map out your joint travel goals and start packing.
      • Create home harmony by prioritizing and organizing your domestic dreams.
      • Achieve economic synergy with guided discussions to grow your money, together.
      • Plus, there are, goal tracking tools, reflective prompts, and tailored tasks to ensure you both march towards your dreams in unison.


💕 What's not included with the "Intertwined Dreams" Workbook Purchase:

While 'Intertwined Dreams' is chock-full of templates and inspiration to rocket your relationship goals to new heights, there are a few things that aren't part of the journey:

  1. Personal Coaching or Consulting: The journey you're on is self-guided. There’s no included one-on-one coaching or consulting services. Your success is determined by your personal commitment with your partner.
  2. Physical Products: This is a digital download, not a physical book. You won't receive a physical copy in the mail, providing you with the flexibility to access and print the workbook from any of your devices.
  3. Updates or Future Editions: Your purchase includes the current edition of the ‘Intertwined Dreams’ workbook only. Future updates or new editions would be separate purchases.
  4. Group Access or Multiple Users: The license you get with the ‘Intertwined Dreams’ workbook is a duo license for you and your partner. It isn’t to be distributed in group settings or shared across multiple users beyond the purchasing couple.
  5. Pre-filled Content: The workbook comes ready for you to pen down your aspirations. It does not include content pre-filled by us as your goals are unique to you and your partner.
  6. Guaranteed Results: While the workbook is designed to guide and inspire, results depend entirely on your dedication and the effort you both put into achieving your goals!


This adventure between the pages is built as a launchpad for your goals but remember, the rocket fuel comes from both of you!


💕 Cancellation policy:

As you're about to embark on a journey of goal-setting bliss with your partner, we want to ensure that the path you take is as clear as your ambitions. Our ‘Intertwined Dreams’ Goal Planning Workbook is your private road map to making the life you dream about together a beautiful reality.

All sales are sealed with love – and are final. 

No Refunds or Transfers:  Since the workbook is a digital download, full of prompts and wisdom for your relationship’s growth, we are unable to offer refunds or transfers. 

By purchasing this workbook, you are agreeing to this cancellation policy. 


Available Packages

Intertwined Dreams - Downloadable Goal Planning Workbook
Available until December 31, 2024

Deposit: $28.00 per person

A comprehensive digital guide for couples to collaboratively outline and execute their annual goals. This tailored workbook is designed to facilitate communication and organization of shared aspirations, including but not limited to, monthly date nights, travel plans, household objectives, and financial targets. With innovative layouts and interactive elements, couples are empowered to establish a practical roadmap toward achieving their dreams together.