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Please be advised that you are considering, or intending to proceed with, international travel at a time when COVID-19 is a known global risk. Any person choosing to proceed with travel with that in mind, does assume and accept responsibility accordingly for the risks, potential loss and limitations that may apply.


Goway Travel Ltd advises that COVID-19, and the health and security measures around COVID may impact parts of your trip and may affect the operation of some travel services. Any country you travelling to, from or via, and the airline(s) you are travelling on, may all have strict requirements to limit the spread of COVID-19.


These requirements may include, but are not limited to:

  • Wearing of masks at airports, while on an aircraft, and when out in public.
  • Compulsory requirements to have adequate health & travel insurance coverage.
  • Requirement to be fully vaccinated before being allowed to enter or transit a country.
  • Being fully vaccinated or be tested for COVID-19, before being allowed to board any flight.
  • Subject to pre-screening or screening to enter your destination country or any transit countries.
  • Subject to quarantine/isolation periods in any country subject to screening results.
  • Having proof of vaccination or health status, when staying in hotels, dining, sightseeing, etc.
  • Changing restrictions on sightseeing, due to closures or other public health concerns.
  • Limitation/restrictions on travel to your destination by your country of residence/citizenship.
  • Possible compulsory quarantine on return to your country of residence/citizenship.


NOTE! For ALL TRAVELERS flying to (including returning to) the USA - Effective Dec 2021, until further notice

All passengers over 2 years must present a negative COVID-19 viral test result, or proof of recovery from COVID

in the past 90 days, to the airline prior to boarding USA bound flights, or boarding will be denied. This is regardless of vaccination status. Currently, the test must be taken no more than 1 day before the flight to the USA. These requirements may change at any time. Passengers may still have to complete any mandated quarantine requirements, if applicable. Locating and accessing COVID testing sites in destination, and paying the costs for COVID tests are the full responsibility of the traveler. These costs can be up to $300, as a guideline.


COVID-19 is causing constant & ongoing changes in the application of the above types of measures. The way

a country, government, airline or airport chooses to deal with the threat of COVID is constantly changing.


It is your responsibility to keep yourself and members of your traveling party (travel companions) informed of, and meet, all requirements in relation to your trip and any COVID based restrictions, and we suggest these are

constantly monitored until your trip is complete, as they can change at any time even while travelling overseas.


Any additional expenses or fees incurred, or any loss (including missed or non-refundable trip components), resulting from airline or government requirements & restrictions, will be the sole responsibility of the traveler



  • Please Note: Additional Bio-Security requirements may be implemented by your destination (s) after the group has booked. Should we learn of any such requirements between now and the group’s departure we will inform you. Any extra costs associated will be passed on to the group and included in the final invoice.