Cherrye Moore

My Bella Vita Travel, llc

2024 A Journey Through Calabria and Basilicata

Sep 16, 2024 to Sep 22, 2024
Calabria, Basilicata

Imagine this...

A luxury villa, with the privacy and comforts of a hotel, but with exclusive use of a stunning pool, chef's kitchen, and stocked pantry. 
A group small enough for a party at my house, but large enough to rent a boat for hotel transfers.
A group of like-minded travelers who want to feel like they're living la bella vita in southern Italy while engaging in luxury experiences.

This has been my dream for years and I could not be more excited about this tour.

Join me, owner and CEO of My Bella Vita Travel, as I share a Journey Through Calabria and Basilicata with an exclusive group of eight guests


This 7-day tour takes you on a journey through two beautiful regions of southern Italy – Calabria and Basilicata. You’ll be living in luxury with accommodations in a lavish villa on the Ionian coast and a medieval tower in Matera. You’ll share specially curated experiences, like artisan workshops, pizza night at casa mia, and a hot air balloon ride over Matera, with a very small group. But the adventure doesn't stop there – you'll also be rolling up your sleeves and cooking delightful dinners and apertivi with your fellow guests and our private chef, all while immersing yourself in the rich history and culture of southern Italy. This tour is very close to my heart, I’ve dreamed about it for as long as I can remember, and it’s finally coming to fruition. Pack your sense of adventure and your appetite for luxury – this is the journey of a lifetime!

Available Packages

A Journey Through Calabria and Basilicata, 2024
Available until May 1, 2024

Deposit: $1,000.00