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Beyond the Return 2025

Jan 10, 2025 to Jan 17, 2025
Accra Ghana

ZanZan Lifestyle LLC has curated a fabulous cultural experience for you in Ghana. Embark on a captivating cultural journey, as we explore the historical gems of Ghana. Our meticulously curated itinerary includes visits to iconic sites such as Independence Square, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Asenema Waterfalls, Cape Coast Castle, and many more. This exclusive trip goes beyond the ordinary, profoundly exploring Ghana's cultural tapestry.

Join us for a unique and enriching adventure, where we pay homage to our heritage while shedding light on the positive developments in this extraordinary African destination. Immerse yourself in the vibrancy and richness of Ghana's culture, which continues to thrive and play a pivotal role in the lives of its people.

To ensure an authentic experience, a knowledgeable Ghana-based guide will accompany the group, providing insights into the local customs and traditions. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this unforgettable journey celebrating the past and present of Ghana's cultural legacy.

Feel Free to Email me for any questions.


Who is this Trip for: 
For Ghana, this journey beckons to those eager to embrace immersive experiences, connect with fellow travelers, and forge unforgettable memories. Whether you're traveling solo, with a partner, or in a group of friends, if you possess a passion for exploration and an adventurous soul, then this trip to Ghana is tailor-made for you.

Travel Abroad Health Insurance
For Ghana, ZanZan Lifestyle LLC  Travel Abroad Health Insurance is a necessity. 

All attendees of ZanZan Lifestyle LLC trips are NOT covered by any health, life, or liability insurance policy provided by ZanZan Lifestyle LLC. Every person participating in ZanZan Lifestyle LLC trips must have travel abroad insurance coverage from an insurance provider of their choosing. Travel insurance guarantees protection for your journey in case of unforeseen cancellations or medical emergencies abroad.


Tipping is vital in countries like this, supporting the local economy and recognizing the hard work of service staff who enhance our trip. From drivers to restaurant servers, these individuals often go beyond their duties to ensure our exceptional experience. With many locals relying on tourism for their livelihood, tips greatly affect their well-being and ability to support their families. I'll inform you of the appropriate tip before each experience and collect it immediately for easier distribution.

What's included in this trip:

  1. 8 days & 7 Nights 
  2. Hotel Stay 
  3. Private Arrival and Departure Transfers from the Airport.
  4. Entrance to all Tours and Parks 
  5. All Transportation with A/C
  6. ZanZan Lifestyle Gift Bag


What's not included:

  1. Meals  ( Only Breakfast will be included)
  2. Airfare | Roundtrip flights from the US to Ghana.  Make sure to arrive on Jan 10, 2025, at ACC airport (Accra, Ghana).  Please note, depending on the airline chosen and your departure city, you may need to leave on Jan 9, 2025.
  3. Tips to staff who provide tours.



  1. Yellow Fever Shot (at least 10 days before arrival)
  2. Ghana Visa.(

    Address For Visa Application:
    The Cabin Hotel

    83 Akosombo Street Airport Residential Area
    Accra, Ghana


Jan 10: Welcome to Accra: 

  • Pick up from Kotaka International Airport. 
  • Settle into Hotel

Jan 11: Day 1: Accra Cultural Landmarks: 

  • Independence Square 
  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & Mausoleum
  • Art Center for shopping
  • Dinner/Nightlife Activities TBD

Jan 12 Day 2 | Natural Beauty:

  • Asenema Falls / ATV Ride
    Dinner/Nightlife Activities TBD

Jan 13: Day 3: Honoring the Ancestors: 

  • Assin Manso | "Last Bath"
  • Cape Coast Castle | "The Door of no Return"

Jan 14: Day 4: Beach Day: 

  • Sandbox Beach Club
  • Relaxing Day/Mall Shopping
  • Dinner/Nightlife Activities TBD

Jan 15: Day 5: Food & Culture

  • Cooking Class - We will learn how to cook and prepare traditional Ghanaian food.
  • Dinner/Nightlife Activities TBD

Jan 16: Day 6: Naming Ceremony 

  •  This private ceremony takes you through the naming process and sheds light on its history and origins.  At the end of the ceremony, you receive a unique soul name that reflects your day of birth.
    Dinner/Nightlife Activities TBD

Jan 17: Day 7: Farewell Home

  • Shuttle to the Airport


The Cabin Hill Hotel: (Sweet and serene hotel located in a peaceful, calm, and clean neighborhood not far from the airport


Payment Plan:

  • The initial deposit of $300 is due at the time of booking and is a non-refundable and non-transferable fee. 
  • You may pay your travel package in full at the time of booking.
  • You may select automatic billing at the time of booking. If you select this option, the system automatically generates and provides you with an evenly divided payment schedule. 
  • If you select the automatic billing option and later cancel this plan, you are responsible for making timely payments on your reservation according to the billing plan on your invoice. 
  • If you should go more than 60 days without any payment whatsoever, your reservation may automatically be canceled without notice.
  • When making your reservation, select the number of travelers you will be paying for
  • No payments will be accepted after Dec 1, 2024.

Available Packages

Single Occupancy - 1 Bed (Price is Per Person)
Available until December 1, 2024

Deposit: $300.00 per person

Double Occupancy - Couple Sharing a Queen Size Bed (Price Per Person)
Available until December 1, 2024

Deposit: $300.00 per person

Sharing a Bed