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This Client Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between Travels with Toni J & Company and the undersigned client ("Client") for the purpose of outlining the terms and conditions related to the trip planning services provided by Travels with Toni J & Company.
  1. Trip Planning Fee: Client acknowledges and agrees to pay a trip planning fee upfront to Travels with Toni J & Company. This fee is required to initiate the planning process for the client's travel booking inquiry. Failure to pay the trip planning fee will result in the cancellation of the inquiry, and Travels with Toni J & Company will not provide any quotes or further assistance.
  1. Covered Services: The trip planning fee covers a comprehensive range of services for the client's chosen destination, including but not limited to:
  2. - Recommendations of 3 hotel options
    - Arrangement of round trip airfare
    - Facilitation of in-destination transfers
    - Provision of destination entry/exit protocols
    - Assistance with departure/return flight check-in
    - Planning of activities and itinerary
    - Eligibility for a 10% discount on trip shirts
    - On-going support during the travel period

  4. Non-Refundable Fee: Client acknowledges that the trip planning fee is non-refundable. This fee compensates Travels with Toni J & Company for the time and effort invested in creating a personalized travel itinerary for the client.

By signing below, Client confirms their agreement and understanding of the terms and conditions stated in this Agreement. Client acknowledges that any failure to comply with these terms may result in the cancellation of the booking inquiry and forfeiture of the trip planning fee.

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