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Peacock Membership/Vacation Proposal Payment Terms & Conditions

I authorize Peacock Travel Agency to charge the credit card or bank account indicated on this invoice for the noted amount on today's date. This payment is for the services and pursuant to the terms provided on the Peacock Membership/Vacation Proposal Questionnaire.  I certify that I am an authorized user of the credit/bank card that I entered and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit/bank card company, so long as the transaction is for the Peacock Membership/Vacation Proposal.  I and any traveler(s) covered under this invoice acknowledge, understand and agree that Peacock Travel Agency is not the owner or operator of any airline, hotel, resort, transportation, recreational establishment, etc. (referred to as "travel supplier") included on the Vacation Proposal.  Further, I and any additional traveler(s) covered under this invoice agree that I (we) shall hold Peacock Travel Agency harmless for changes made by the travel supplier included on the Vacation Proposal.  All traveler(s) covered under this reservation have been made aware of and has/have agreed to these Terms & Conditions.


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