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NOLA Travel Agency / Destination Event Planning Services for VIP Groups

Thank you for the opportunity and consideration of our company, NOLA Travel Agency to be your dedicated travel agency and destination event provider. Please review our Group/ Destination Event Planning Services. As a full-service Travel Agency and Destination Event Planning firm NOLA handles individual leisure and corporate trips for clients, but we specialize in Groups, Destination Events, Weddings, Meetings, Conferences, and Incentive Trips. We have been in business since 2015 and have planned events in 22 countries, including The Bahamas, the US, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. NOLA offers price matching with our air/hotel packages as well. So if you find the same air/hotel package with the same flight, same room category, same property, and same dates at a cheaper price online or with another travel agency, NOLA can beat/match that price.

Regarding NOLA VIP Specialists Concierge Service:-
NOLA Worldwide provides Concierge Services and a dedicated VIP Specialist for your trip or group from the time you remit your planning deposit until your travel is completed. This service is available to all of NOLA's clients as a part of our VIP Membership Programs.

Our VIP Specialists are available in destination 24/7 via phone, WhatsApp, or Text message to you and your entire group to ensure that all needs are handled or in case an emergency should arise. In the event of injury, plane delay, baggage delay, missed connection, missed transfer, or other unforeseen circumstances, your VIP Specialist is the first point of contact to assist in connecting you with the Travel Protection Company for a stress-free resolution.

A Group “In-Destination” Concierge Escort is not mandatory but suggested for groups of 25 rooms or more. In many instances when a travel agent books a group with 25 rooms or more, NOLA often negotiates with the Hotel to provide a complimentary room for use by the Agent to accompany the group. According to industry standards, the Agent’s room is non-transferable if provided by the Hotel. In addition, some airlines provide a complimentary seat for the Agent to facilitate an Escort arriving prior to the group’s arrival or with the group to ensure everything runs smoothly. These function as value-added bonuses to allow the Agency to service the group more effectively at no cost to the Client, if provided by the Tour Operator, Hotel, Airline, Cruise Line, or Supplier.

We often assist with negotiating similar terms for Group Leaders based on the size of the booking along with the discretion of the Tour Operator, Hotel, Airline, Cruise Line, or Supplier. The cost of Group Leader air, hotel, and amenities should be included in your Event Proposal in the event your booking is too small and/or might not meet the Tour Operator, Hotel, Airline or Supplier’s criteria for complimentary offerings.

At NOLA we customarily operate a VIP Concierge Desk for groups of 25 or more during your event so Attendees can book on-island excursions, tours, activities, transportation, or dinner reservations with us during the Stay. Attendees also have a local phone contact for our Concierge. For small groups, we provide this service virtually before and during your group’s stay.

Should you require a Conference/Meeting Facilitator to oversee your staff and volunteers, audio/visual needs, assist with Room Blocks, BEO revisions, or a liaison as a point person with hotel and F&B managers NOLA's daily rate is $350 per day not including airfare, meals, hotel accommodation, per diem or transportation during your Event. This includes 1-2 pax on-site during your event based on NOLA staff availability.

Commission for NOLA VIP Boutique Groups: How the Travel Agency is paid for Hotel Rooms: -

In addition to Planning Fees, Travel Agents are paid on Commission whereby the Hotel provides a travel agency with a commission % for confirmed bookings. NOLA should be designated as Primary Contact for air/hotel bookings. In the event that Hotel does not provide commission to NOLA directly, the client is responsible for the remittance of commission to NOLA no later than 15-30 days prior to the event/departure. The hotel rate provided should be commissionable, not NET.

If you book online yourself or through another travel company, NOLA is not compensated as your Travel Agent and is not responsible for liaising with the hotel to accommodate your requests.

NOLA strongly recommends Travel Protection Insurance and Event Cancellation Insurance for all individual travel and NOLA requires it for all destination events, corporate events, and groups.

All Planning Deposits are non-refundable. Any future payments towards Travel are subject to the terms and conditions of the Travel Insurance Policy, NOLA Travel can assist you with filing a claim, if need be, in order to have any portions refunded in case of cancellation due to covered reasons as specified in your Travel Insurance. If you decline Travel Insurance, your payments are non-refundable, once paid to the Supplier, Airline, Operator, Cruise Line, or Hotel as applicable

Consultation for NOLA VIP Boutique Groups - Getting Started with NOLA Worldwide Travel

  • Complimentary 45 min session with a NOLA Travel Specialist to determine your budget, event needs, destination options, and NOLA availability based on our Event Calendar. - no cost

  • To offer VIP service NOLA books no more than 3 Ruby (boutique) non-escorted trips per month (19 rooms or less) and no more than 1 Ruby escorted trip per month.

  • To offer VIP service NOLA books no more than 1 Diamond (large) non-escorted trip per month (20 rooms or more) and no more than 1 Diamond escorted trip every 2 months.

  • Planning 120 min Session with a NOLA Travel Specialist includes a preliminary budget, group terms and conditions overview, rooming list template, and NOLA itinerary evaluation to determine the cost of the trip and payment plan options. - $199 Plan to Go Fee required (deducted from Retainer balance).  Link to Book your Plan to Go Session: NOLA Travel Agency

  • Google Drive folder provided to Group Leaders during Planning Session to house shared documents for Group Trip.

NOLA Ruby & Sapphire VIP Group Coordination / Event Planning Fee Schedule 
  • 2-5 Rooms $250 retainer required (50% deposit to commence & balance due 30 days prior to event/departure date) as planning fee to secure hotel/air/event/transportation contracts for group. In the event that more rooms are booked by your attendees utilizing the Group Registration Page, the $250 deposit applied to Group Leader. No further payments.
  • 6-10 Rooms $500 retainer required (50% deposit to commence & balance due 30 days prior to event/departure date) as planning fee to secure hotel/air/event/transportation contracts for group. (See NOLA Ruby VIP Event Pass for membership details.) Planning Fee for escorted 1 day events of this size start at $1,000.
  • 11-24 Rooms $750 retainer required (50% deposit to commence & balance due 30 days prior to event/departure date) as planning fee to secure hotel/air/event/transportation contracts for group. Events with <$10,000 Budget. (See NOLA Sapphire VIP Event Pass for membership details.) Planning Fee for escorted groups of this size starts at $1,500.
  • A planning fee retainer is required for all destination events, weddings and groups, as often Agents/Planners do the work to put a detailed proposal together, check venue availability, price all packages, and for unforeseen circumstances the group no longer travels or the Client opts to execute themselves. Should the Client advise the Agent/Planner that group will cancel after contracts are signed, the Client is subject to all cancellation fees applicable by hotel/airline/venue/ transportation company as stated in all signed contracts. Should the Client advise the Agent/Planner that the group will cancel before contracts are signed, Client’s deposit is non-refundable, but balance is no longer due. Deposit is only transferrable if the Client selects an alternative travel date.
Bonuses for Small Groups - NOLA VIP Program
  • Personalized Registration Page– for boutique groups of 5 rooms or more, NOLA provides a fully-branded landing page incorporating your group's full itinerary, add-on’s available to booking, payment plan options, destination guide, email reminders and personalized attendee schedules;

  • Private Facebook Group - NOLA provides a dedicated FB group for you to place interested travelers, promote the trip and share announcements; We recommend that communication continues for the paid attendees in that FB group to build excitement with important deadlines, travel notices and event itinerary highlights.

  • Private Communication - NOLA provides a private WhatsApp (and Trip Plans mobile app) group for paid attendees to communicate. This facilitates immediate access to the NOLA Concierge Team prior to, during and after the trip. Also facilitates direct messaging for anyone with a mobile device. It is suggested that Group Leaders have a wifi hotspot in-destination to stay connected for emergencies.

Value-Added Scope of Work for NOLA Boutique Groups and NOLA VIP Membership Programs:
  1. Negotiations with hotel to secure room contract, room block, cruise block, airline and necessary venue space.
  2. Securing group air discount booking code on scheduled air (or charter).
  3. Securing group ground transportation and airport transfers.
  4. Arranging F&B and on property/ship events.
  5. Providing rooming list to hotel, transportation company and traveler names as bookings are paid for.
  6. Welcome amenity deliveries for any VIPs.
  7. Booking entertainment for on property events.
  8. Facilitating and keeping track of installment payments.
  9. Offering travel protection / insurance to travelers in case of emergency, cancellation, trip interruption, etc.
  10. Providing a dedicated landing page for travelers to book travel and make payments, which can be embedded into client/organization website.
  11. Assist with promotional graphics / materials / eblasts to promote & advertise package to potential travelers.
  12. Facilitating destination “information night” (in-person or virtual) which provides potential travelers an opportunity to learn more about the trip, ask questions, explore the destination, purchase add-on’s and make payments (usually 1 every 2 months ending at 60 days prior to departure).
  13. Promoting the group package via agency’s website, social media, newsletters, etc (if desired) by the client/organization. 
  14. Connecting with local promotion board / CVB / DMO representative to ensure the group has a la carte options to book activities, tours and/or excursions in destination.
Non-Disclosure Agreement with Non-Complete Clause & Planning Contract Required
  • Non Disclosure Agreement required as Group Leaders and Prospective Clients cannot use NOLA logo, ViP Pro Sports logo, DS3 logo, any NOLA Proprietary documentation, templates, forms, contracts or copyright materials without the express consent of NOLA Travel Agency or its representatives.

  • By entering into a Planning Agreement with NOLA, Client agrees not to duplicate any themed proprietary trips, graphics, forms, itineraries, or copyrighted materials within 5 years of the travel date without the express consent of NOLA Travel Agency or its representatives.

  • Group Leaders are entitled to 2 planning sessions per month (maximum of 4 hours) with NOLA Travel Specialists from the date of Retainer until 60 days prior to travel. All balances should be paid in full 60 days prior to travel unless otherwise specified by the Tour Operator, Hotel, Airline, Cruise Line, or Supplier.

Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather, an indoor location must be selected to serve as a weather backup for all outdoor events. Should you elect to remain outdoors no less than three (3) hours prior to your event, a waiver must be completed releasing the Venue and NOLA Travel Agency from all liability. The Client is responsible for the costs of renting necessary Tents for coverage of audio/visual equipment as well as floral and décor rentals. Note that the Venue has the final decision as to whether they will elect to allow your event to remain outdoors. Should you elect to move indoors with less than (3) hours outstanding before your event, a surcharge may be applied subject to the discretion of the Venue’s management and the Vendors who might have to move food, beverage, décor, floral design, entertainment, and any other services indoors.

Cancellation Policy

Should you elect not to utilize NOLA Travel Agemcy's Event Planning Services, the Commitment Fee paid upon confirmation is non-refundable. In the event that NOLA Travel Agency has conducted Site Inspections, Client Meetings, Teleconferences or incurred any other expenses associated with your Event Portfolio and Estimate but you elect not to use NOLA Travel Agency, all Vendor requisite cancellation fees will be deducted from payments made by the Client as well as costs associated with utilized planning hours. Any outstanding amounts become immediately due in order to cancel this Service Agreement.

Force Majeure / COVID / Government Regulation Change

Parties agree that this agreement shall be subject to a limited condition of force majeure condition that will include an act of war, pandemic, act of God, or act of nature that shall actually and significantly prevent the event from occurring on the scheduled date, but said force majeure condition is not intended to include ordinary events such as inclement weather, ill health of any person, or family disputes that might excuse any person’s participation in the scheduled event.

Should the Tour Operator, Hotel, Airline, Cruise Line, or Supplier cancel, NOLA Travel Agency will attempt to recover all costs utilizing Trip Protection, Travel insurance, and “Cancel For Any Reason” clauses. The obligation of NOLA Travel Agency to perform shall be relieved in the event of riots, strikes, epidemics, pandemics, acts of terror, acts of God, hurricanes, or any other legitimate condition beyond the control of NOLA Travel Agency.

Should NOLA Travel Agency be unable to perform its duties due, NOLA Travel Agency will diligently seek a qualified professional to perform its contracted duties.

Terms & Conditions

  • NOLA Travel Agency shall not be liable to the Traveler(s) directly or indirectly for any loss or damage suffered by the Traveler(s).
  • Prices are subject to change based on the airline, hotel, and tour operator availability. Rates are not guaranteed until confirmed by the airline, hotel, and tour operator as applicable. Any rate changes will be communicated to the Travelers. 
  • For immediate processing, we prefer you book and pay online with a Debit/Credit Card or PayPal.
  • If you choose to pay the deposit you will be invoiced with the balance for your trip and departure city.
  • You can pay for your trip in full or in advance of the due date if you wish. This will expedite your booking and seat selection.
  • Deposits are non-refundable as we will be purchasing Trip Protection and securing your airline seat with the deposit as soon as you book.
  • Bookings received after the cut-off date may incur additional charges as air/hotel are based on availability and subject to price changes.
  • You may be invoiced for the difference in fare prior to being ticketed. By submitting your payment, you agree to NOLA's Terms and Conditions.
  • Once your payments are processed IN FULL, you will receive an email with an Invoice marked "PAID" for your records, together with your final itinerary and travel documents via email within 1-2 business days or according to the supplier timeline.
  • For questions, you can email us at or call 504-669-9735 during business hours.

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