Lisa Laws

The Black Onyx Group Travel & Wedding Concierge

McBride/Hyde Destination Wedding

Sep 26, 2019 to Sep 29, 2019

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The event and associated travel advertised herein, including all tickets, vouchers and coupons issued and all arrangements for transportation or conveyance or for hotel or lodging or for sightseeing services are made by The Black Onyx Group, LLC (TBOG)  and/or its affiliates, as agency and/or service providers and/or suppliers providing services necessary for operation of the tour/travel/event upon the express condition that TBOG and/or its affiliates shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity to any event participant or his/her property that may result from any act or omission of any company, contractor or employee thereof providing services in connection with the event, including but not limited to transportation, lodging, food and beverage, entertainment, sightseeing, luggage handling and tour guiding. Furthermore, that TBOG and/or its affiliates cannot be held responsible for delays resulting from weather and road connections, breakdowns, strikes, riots, acts of God, authority of law or other circumstances beyond its control. TBOG and/or its affiliates are not responsible for breach of contract or any intentional or careless actions or omissions on the part of the event coordinators/tour operators and/or service providers, such as suppliers of tours or other services used or obtained on or at the time of the event, trip or program, which result in any loss, damage, delay or injury to you or your travel companions or group participants. There is no guarantee any of such suppliers rates, booking or reservations and TBOG and/or its affiliates shall not be responsible for any social or labor unrest, mechanical or construction difficulties, diseases, local laws, climate conditions, abnormal conditions or developments or any other actions, omissions or conditions outside TBOG and/or its affiliates control.


Health & Safety Risks with Travel:

It is understood that TBOG, is not responsible in any way for the health or safety of any traveler, and it is their sole responsibility to manage their affairs and take every precaution to ensure their safety and health while traveling. It is the sole responsibility of the traveler to manage their participation and be aware of their abilities in relation to activities as many are sports or adventure oriented and have explicit risks associated with the activity, . By embarking upon his/her travel/event, the traveler/participant voluntarily assumes all risks, and is advised to obtain appropriate insurance coverage. Completing registration for trip, receipt of tickets, reservations, or package after issuance shall constitute consent to the above and an agreement on your part to convey the contents hereof to your travel companions.


TBOG, herein gives notice that we cannot be responsible for any disruption of travel and/or unrest, labor problems, mechanical or construction difficulties, climatic aberrations, acts of God, war, diseases, or any other circumstances beyond its control. We are not responsible for the neglect or omission of suppliers or carriers; therefore, we strongly recommend travel insurance.

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